Are you ready for a yoga teacher training?

If you want to know if your passion for yoga (or whatever you want to learn) is enough to get you started, ask the following questions:

Would you like to read more and more about your subject?
Do you feel “at home” and blissful when it comes to?
Do you get glowing eyes when you can listen to a teacher?
Are you curious and trying to understand?
Does the thought of a time-long learning with like-minded people make your heart beat faster?
Are you willing to invest (time, money)?
Are you fond of developing and stepping out of your comfort zone?
If you want to call a “Jaaaa” in the room, then jippieh and go. I’ll write about how to find the right education for you in the next few weeks. If you are still undecided, that does not mean anything, there are still a few more viewing angles that can help.

Interest and the desire to be a student

Interest is the one. There are just those topics that grab us. But sometimes our ego has to go back to school. We need to seriously learn to want a certain humility for the subject. Being a student is a wonderful thing to get involved with. For a moment, we are not the know-it-alls, but we can sit, learn, learn. Unfortunately, learning is not always good. Bandura has described the times very nicely with the stages of the learning.

The stages of learning

The first stage is the unconscious incompetence – that is what we are doing when we are doing a yoga class at the back and notice the mistakes of the yog teacher (Tse!) Shaking his head. However, as soon as we begin to deal with the role of the teacher, our perception becomes finer and we begin to guess how complex the matter might be. In the course of the Yogal teacher’s education, it becomes clear quite quickly: for an hour or so, there is a lot to think about: anatomical, didactic, vocal, philosophical – and yet still a separate style, authentic and true, emotional and yet relaxing (or whatever you’ll make it). Hui. Conscious incompetence calls the good Bandura this level and she does not feel well.

When learning begins

And then what starts with any training begins: there is a lot of new knowledge to take up, we can begin to practice, we can try out, fear of failure as well as dreams of glorious first hours. We are passionate about it and try to remember everything we have learned. Conscious competency means this level of learning. Everything feels still strange and we ask ourselves in between: Is that really me? Does this fit me at all? Only afterwards (with me only after the Yogalehrer education) comes the relaxed level of unconscious competence. Things go automatically and with ease from the hand – until we notice that there is something to be done again and everything starts again.


To experience this process with joy needs a lot of dedication to the matter, which one learns there. Then it is fun and feels fulfilling, enriching and right. So what you need is the desire to be a student again and go on a journey. You do not need a plan, no idea for it – it can and should be easy for you to learn. It takes the unconditional hunger for the cause and the desire for the way – and that is something quite different from the desire for the result. Well, you can dream of being a great golfer, but the engine is better.


So that the training then synonymous great, you need a few basic prerequisites, which simply simply do well and make it easier:

Regular practice

Nobody has to be yogaprofi, but a basic understanding of yoga, your own practice (even home alone) and your own experiences you should already have. This is the basis for the dedication that it needs and on which the rest can be built. Otherwise, the training is really hard- if it works at all. Learn yoga and teach yoga – to try together is not a good idea. A good idea, however, is to refine the practice, go deeper, expand it. Well, if there is already a basis for this.

Be ready

You are ready when you are constantly creeping around the topic – even if you still have doubts. The doubts we have are human. They show our fears and worries. Am I good enough? Am I allowed to do that? Will I make it? Can? To like? When you start to learn – whatever – you go on a journey that changes and changes make us afraid. By the way, our dearest. My husband was not so enthusiastic as I had expressed the desire to become a yoga teacher. Incidentally, without a plan later to teach itself. I really only wanted to incorporate the topic of mindfulness, stress reduction and part of the philosophy into my leadership training. Well, has developed differently and that is also good so.

Learning does not stop

Our mission in life is to be happy and to share happiness with others, to bring a little light into this world and to live our talents. We must develop further in the areas we love. Because that’s what makes you happy. So if you love yoga, it will drag you constantly to the mat and you want to learn: Go! Do it! Enjoy it! The best thing is: it does not stop. Next year I start my 300 hrs. + Education and am now looking like crazy. The books are piled up here. I love every workshop I can visit and anyone I can give. Learning is great. It provides inspiration and further development. It is always a jump over the shadows, a stark out of the comfort zone. Learning is unfolding.

So, dear ones, I am curious: Who is to learn? (and what?) Who has already been trained? Who is still thinking? Soon there follows a post about how those of you who are still thinking about finding the right education. Until then: Have fun with everything you do. Who wants to learn, I hang times my two favorite favorite yogabücher dran. Anyone who has other recommendations: in the comment :-). You can never have enough books, can you?

Namasté and lots of fun while learning