Yoga Teacher at Shivalaya Yoga and Meditation Centre

Avinash Mishra

Residential Yoga Teacher

Avinash Mishra is one of the next generation yoga teachers, shaping yoga’s future. He finished his bachelor of science in yoga therapy in India at S-vyasa university in Bangalore. Avinash teaches Hatha yoga and his inspiring classes encourage students to move more mindfully; helping them to be more aware of their habits of body and mind. Half Nepali, half Indian, Avinash was raised in Delhi (India) where he started practicing kung fu at the age of ten. At the same age yoga came into his life and he never stopped since. He organized many teacher training courses, internationally leading workshops and retreats.

 Our Guest Yoga Teachers

Dhiraj Singh

Dhiraj – Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher – was born and raised in a traditional Hindu family. Since his childhood, he had a deep impression of his mother practicing Bhakti Yoga. He used to visit Himalayan pilgrimages with his family and these spiritual journeys, seeing sages standing in yogic postures on sacred riverbanks, inspired him from an early age and sow a seed to pursue a yogic life. As he grew older, he started practicing yoga to lead a healthy and balanced life. He had an unquenchable thirst to learn more and traveled on his own to ashrams in the North and South of India.

Amanda Florence Goudreau

Amanda – anatomy and physiology teacher – was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where she started her yoga practice and became a yoga instructor. She is dedicated to share the amazing traditions of yoga with a growth number of practitioners. In her unique / inspirational and playful approach Amanda helps her students to expand and deepen their understanding of yoga and life.

Acharya Karamjit

Yogi Acharya Karamjit is one of the upcoming authorities and researcher in Yoga. He received his initial training from his mother and father and was followed by formal training and study in Yoga with Swami Vivekananda Yoga University and subsequently earned his Master in Yoga Science (M.Sc) and continued his practice on Yoga and Vedanta with the Divine Life Society at Rishikesh.
He worked as a Yoga Therapist at SVYASA in Ayurveda and Naturopathy Hospital before embarking and continuing in his spiritual practice of Yoga. He worked with patients of different diseases giving Yoga Therapy.

Song Yanhua

Song Yanhua started the practice of Chinese ancient arts like TAI CHI, QIGONG and WUSHU from the childhood. She has great understanding of Chinese Ancient tradition and of modern science. She was practicing yoga from 1999 and teaching since 2007 in University.
She is highly experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist taught and given therapy to thousands of students and patients. She apply her in depth knowledge of Ancient India and Chinese cultures combined with modern science. Now she is giving her service to humanity in China.